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The Apple TV 4k Teardown

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2017-09-26 4,174 155 252,898 YouTube

It’s been two long years since the AppleTV got an update—which is an eternity in Apple’s fast-paced development cycle. But with 4K and HDR streaming capabilities, the new Apple TV 4K brings the heat. An iPad Pro-worthy processor and 3 GB of RAM pushing all those pixels means the TV will get a lot hotter a lot faster. Heat wreaks some serious havoc on electronics—from cracked solder to fried chips—so Apple popped a fan assembly onto the heatsink of yore, and punched some ventilation into the case. Let’s hope the precautions are enough to avoid a Red Ring of Death situation. Check out the full Teardown on Subscribe to our channel for all our latest teardown and repair videos! Follow us on Twitter: Check us out on Facebook: