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I Went Scuba Diving in a Zorb Ball & You Have to See What Happened… (Swimming on Land Challenge)

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2018-02-12 54,297 8,635 4,127,316 YouTube

SUBSCRIBE ► So I went scuba diving in a zorb ball as a science experiment to see what happens if you fill a zorb ball with water and get in with scuba diver equipment! I call this the swimming on land challenge and this was amazing and so much fun! So to sum up, I wanted to know what happens to a orb ball if you fill it with water and went scuba diving, here’s what happened… ↓ FOLLOW FOR A FOLLOW BACK ↓ ► ↓ WHY NOT WATCH SOME MORE ↓ ► I Went Metal Detecting Underwater and You Won’t Believe What I Found… (Scuba Diving Challenge) ► I Played Fortnite for 100 Hours Straight & You Have to See What Happened! (Battle Royale Challenge) ► I Spent the Night in a Phone Box & Wasn't Allowed to End the Call (Payphone Challenge) ► I Spent 24 Hours in VR & Didn't Know What Was Real Anymore (Virtual Reality Challenge) ► I Spent the Night Buried in Sand up to My Neck & Couldn't Escape (Beach Challenge) family friendly pg clean